Our financial advisory Think tank exudes acclaimed experience and knowledge having worked for global clients offering effective financial advice. SANDRA’s financial advisors provide a well informed and complete range advice for all financial matters of your small business. They work very closely together with the stake holders of your organization together with your counsels, to cover the crucial matters related to finance.

We offer financial consultancy in the Following areas:

Company and Company Setup

Taxation Advisory

Accounting Outsourcing

Investment & Wealth Management

Payroll Outsourcing

Company Management

Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

IPO & Private Placement Consulting

Our pros leave One to do business, while they have the task of preparing your company as their business. Our strategy experts draw the design of your business and hand hold you to bring it to life; and develop clear business plans to propel it to the next level.

We Provide a myriad Company installation services to empower our customers in India to conduct business in an efficient and diligent manner. These Business Registration Services are executed according to existing industry standards, and ensure legal & procedural compliance with policies applicable internationally.

The different Kinds of Companies we help set up are:

§ Private Limited Businesses § Public Limited Companies§ Unlimited Businesses § Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)§ Partnerships§ Sole Proprietorships§ Liaison Offices/Representative Offices§ Project Offices§ Branch Offices§ Joint Venture Firms § Subsidiary Businesses While setting up
Businesses and growing the yields is of prime attention for our customers, it is equally critical to guide our customers about the existing tax laws and
legislation of their land. SANDRA’s Taxation Advisory team is abreast with the latest amendments to the changing Indian taxation legislation and legislation,
and therefore, is in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize your current and future tax liabilities. We cater to both our
individual and business customers with taxation expertise and knowledge that they need during this year. As an essential part of our Account Advisory Services and Tax Advisory serviceswe conduct comprehensive analysis of the alterations and regularly deliver reports to the customers.

Our Taxation Advisory
services encompass:

§ Income Taxation§ Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)§ Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)§ Wealth Tax§ Corporate Taxation§ Service Tax§ Value Added Tax (VAT)§ Excise and Custom Duty Tax§ Transaction TaxesIf It’s outside your
Scope, it’s likely within ours. If your business needs expand outside of your
core competencies, allow the industry’s pioneer in outsourcing and consulting services help you regain your attention.

We realize that every

Company has its own accounting and financial procedures to encourage their company. To do so, SANDRA includes a customized accounting services arm tailored towards each business’ unique needs and requirements. By outsourcing your finance and accounting solutions to us, you improve your profitability significantly. Not only that, but we also provide another generation finance function that provides you market insights to drive business development.

SANDRA’s Accounting
Outsourcing includes all routine tasks, such as, sending & receiving
bills, managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, travel & expense
claims, asset accounting, general ledger, etc.. We actually pride ourselves in specializing in accounting, book-keeping, payroll and taxation services for CPAs in Australia, UK and Middle East nations.

As proven to our customers from the United Kingdom,
Australia, Middle East and India, here are the benefits you will benefit by
outsourcing to us:

§ Ability to focus on core activities§ Price savings and efficiency§ Reduced overheads§ Operational control§ Staffing flexibility§ Continuity & risk management§ Enables innovation§ Brings about transformationSANDRA rides the
Proven capability of India as the most sought after outsourcing destination for
businesses in UK, Australia and Middle East. The nation’s pre-eminence in
information technology, a massive pool of English-speaking graduates with
up-to-date skills and an excellent telecommunications infrastructure have
contributed to the boom of the outsourcing industry in India.

SANDRA’s dedicated

Investment & Wealth Management staff consists of experienced wealth and
investment professionals with deep experience. We are aware that where the sector
has come from, where it is today, and its likely direction for tomorrow. In
pursuit of customer success, we apply fact-based thought leadership, expert consulting capacities, and options which include tested, proven and
successful proprietary templates, models and methodologies.

Our Investment
Advisory experience, which was built over Many Years of experience and
continued instruction, provides investment management services to:

§ Folks § Families§ SMEs and Large Businesses § Non-Profit Organisations and NGOsWe manage portfolios
Based on our clients’ requirements, not on firm-mandated plans, and construct portfolios by assessing the complete scope of investments to discover those who best reflect your short-term and long-term financial needs, in the areas of:

§ Retirement Planning§ Estate Planning§ Savings Strategies§ Education Funding§ Employee Insurance Benefits§ Insurance Protection and more.The manners of Investment we utilize comprise Insurance (Life & Non Life), Mutual Funds, Real Estate and Equity products amongst a plethora of others.

SANDRAFURUVALD enhances the efficacy and the gratification
Quotient of your staff by providing Payroll Management services. Since marketplaces turn increasingly global, so do the human resources challenges. It’s been our mission to keep up with these challenges, define and resolve specific payroll related needs, whereby allowing companies the time and freedom to do what they do best — focus on their core business. Professionally qualified Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries take care of this compliances and delivery of each undertaking.

We provide a Comprehensive customized payroll solution based on advanced software and infrastructure, to surpass each client’s requirements. Our service offering to every client is structured to meet the needs of the client and to match their strategic aim.

Our services range from finishing citizenship
Outsourcing to procedure management for each purpose. By combining best
practices, industry expertise, highly trained employees, and incorporated technologies;
we tackle Your Whole array of payroll related activities and
responsibilities including:

§ Maintenance of human resource documents § Employees Provision Fund (EPF)§ Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)Clients who use
Contract workers and those who operate representative offices can also
benefit from the convenience of the service.

To fortify our Consulting services in establishing your business, SANDRA has also forayed into the realm of providing management services to assist start-ups & co-operatives to manage their existing businesses. Drawing from our expertise in business development; market research; promotion; organizational growth, and learning systems; we extend support to our client companies in accomplishing their business goals.

Creating an
Organization that works effectively, and learns quickly, requires proven
systems to assist all stakeholders understand, evaluate, analyze and enhance individual and company performances. Regular preparation sessions, consultations and reports ensure that the co-operative members own and control the growth process.
Whether working with a startup steering committee or, the board & staff of an existing co-operative, SANDRA helps one to develop professional surroundings to enhance worker satisfaction, company results and customer delight.

Strategic Planning ServicesSANDRA’s strategy

Experts deep dive into understanding your existing business intricacies and
build long-lasting management procedures which ultimately lead to a steady expansion both in terms of business revenues and workforce wisdom. Be it a small organization or a mammoth conglomerate, we cater to businesses of all sizes and deliver integrated, holistically-balanced preparation services.

Start-Up ServicesIt is the start-ups
Which need the utmost preparation and assistance to pave the road for establishing themselves and build the confidence in the marketplace for a successful profitable business enterprise. Hence, SANDRA Consultants brings together all its intellectual capital to Offer the next complete project management services:

§ Organizational Improvement § Feasibility Assessment§ Business Planning§ Strategic Planning§ Market Research§ New Product Development§ Financial Systems§ HR Department§ Communications§ Accounting§ Consultant and Staff Oversight§ Board Coaching Market Entry SupportWe not only help

National companies and businesses to be installed in India, but we also encourage international organizations to put shop in the Indian sub continent.
International companies can confidently entrust their responsibilities together with us when they want to spread their wings outside their regional lands and input into India within their internationalization process. Our business research analysts help in preliminary market research and aid in evaluating the feasibility of the Indian market, and provide roadmaps on the best way best to customise your
products & services for the Indian market, for a much better ROI.

Following are the Niche consultation services we offer to facilitate your efforts in setting foot in Dubai.

§ Mapping the Competitive Landscape§ Identifying and Reviewing Potential Partners§ Profiling Regulators§ Assessing Political and Operational RisksSANDRAFURUVALD goes

Beyond simply setting up businesses. Our team of experts helps you grow by acquiring other business entities by functioning in sync with your objectives of this merger, and execute basic target attractiveness; tactical fit
research; due diligence & business strategy development; evaluation;
discussions, and many other crucial activities for a smooth integration of
this target by the buyer.

Of the numerousConsultation services which we provide to facilitate your M&A activities, here is a peak into a few:

§ Creating the best acquisition arrangement — from
A legal, taxation, and practical business perspective

§ Representing clients during discussions with
Prospective buyers or sellers

§ Determining true fair market value§ Performing due diligence to identify dangers
& rewards

§ Modeling to demonstrate the benefits, returns
Of a business combination

Providing in-depth
Expertise and advice to quickly identify key terms and conditions which
directly affect the viability of a proposed transaction


To the fore their immense knowledge of this topic and acumen to focus on
supplying consulting services with regard IPO and private placement to
entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The Main services
We offer are:

§ Development of funding packages and related
Files — business plans and private placement documents

§ Capital structuring with valuations§ Capital Sourcing — our capital, personal
Investment, enterprise capital

§ Confidential consulting to CEOs and their
Management teams on preparing and posturing their businesses for financing,
private placement and IPO

§ Reviewing reverse osmosis transactions for private
Companies as public company merger applicants


How do you know whether your business is on-track? We can help with planning, modeling and forecasting, and then measure the advancement using metrics designed around your company’s needs.Business plan financial projections and forecastingBudgets and tactical operations quotes New Company or product simulating Financial model creation and sensitivity evaluation Business/Product modeling and analysisBusiness metric growth Cash Management, Treasury, and BankingOur financial experts can monitor where the money goes and help you manage the flow of cash.Money flow analysisEstablishment and/or review of banking connections Evaluation of cash management, charges, and prices Loan and credit line discussion Metrics and monitoring instruments Merger, Acquisition, Sale, and Due Diligence ServicesBuying a business or selling your own can be a complex, time-consuming procedure that takes you away from your company’s day-to-day small business. Our executives have experience in assessing companies for buy and preparing businesses for sale, providing guidance during every phase of the procedure.Company due diligence and analysis Exit strategy development and supportTarget identificationPre-due diligence assistance Deal structure and discussions Professional solutions referrals and network